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Virtual Inbound Service Clickerwayne

Engaging with customers and paying close attention to their needs before and after sales to ensure they remain satisfied will have a profound effect on customer experience. To meet the challenging needs of start-ups and SMEs Clickerwayne Enterprise offers two cost-effective types of inbound services.

Virtual Inbound Service is the same type of service offered onsite by most call centers. The key difference betweet the two is the "where" the job is performed. In Virtual Inbound, agents work remotely while maintaining the same level of zest in performing the job and keeping your company's customer service values and culture.

2 Types Of Virtual Inbound Service Offered

1. Customer Service

Enhance your brand reputation and strengthen your business by boosting your customers' loaylty. Customer service is an important part of every business. By providing a customer support channet you are more likely to retain them and or make them as repeat

2. Inbound Sales

Inbound sales has clear-cut advantages compared to ourbound sales. Sales conversion rate is high since leads coming from this channel explicitly showed their interest on your product or service.

Page updated on: February 18, 2021

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