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Virtual Outbound Services

Virtual Outbound Service Clickerwayne

Virtual Outbound Services

Whether it is for your Business-To-Business (B2B) or Business-To-Consumer (B2C) campaign, our distinct virtual outbound is a perfect solution for customers acquisition and for increasing the profitability of your growing company. The service comes with the free use of our own Client Systems Call Center Software to help companies achieve their goals in the most effective and economical manner.

3 Types Of Virtual Outbound Services Offered

1. Telesales

Suitable for companies looking into selling their goods or services over the telephone. Telesales agents directly contact the leads, which may either be cold or warm, to make sales on behalf of the company. This sales-focused approach involves product presentation including its benefits and features.

2. Telemarketing

An approach that is more focused on generating leads and creating sales opportunities for the company. Telemarketers provide information to potential customers to build brand awareness and interests. The scope of the service can range from simple information dissemination, market research to appointment setting with the sales team.

3. Loan Application Fulfillment

A specialty service offered to financial institutions and/or companies engaged in to providing and/or offering personal and business loans. It accelerates the processing of the application. A loan application fulfillment specialist is responsible for validating and verifying loan application data, review loan application documentary requirements for accuracy and completeness, and submit loan applications.

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