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CliEnt Systems

Innovate to save on cost.
Simplify to gain in productivity.

CliEnt Systems

Passion To Innovate

Outbound Call Center Solutions For SMEs

Client Systems (Cli_Ent Systems) is a service conceived out of ingenuity of perfect blend of creative, innovative, and motivated team members of Clickerwayne Enterprise, with a singular raison d'être in mind, to thrive your business. Our company provides cost-efficient small-to-medium enterprise solutions ranging from Workforce Management (WFM) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITeS) specialized in lead generation, call center systems development and outbound services.

With strategic vision for growth in mind, our goal is to help small to mid-sized enterprises drive results by reducing operational costs and improve productivity and sales with the use of our innovative and tailor-fit infrastructures.


Cost-effective, expansive, and versatile solutions for your growing business. We provide the most cost-effective way to bring you in more profits.

Clickerwayne Enterprise is an emerging Social Enterprise specialized in providing cost-effective SME Digital Solutions to small and medium-scale companies in the Philippines and around the globe.

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Empowering Startups With Economical Outsourcing Tools

Communications System plays a vital role in every business as it speeds up the transmittal of information from one point to another. Through the use of this technology, transactions and workflow processes are usually done and achieved in a nimble way. This allows people and businesses to either keep in touch or stay connected to one another.

Call Center Dialtab Webphone

DialTab Phone

Our custom-built CRM is integrated with a voice communication system to make the outbound dialing experience as easy as possible.

Call Center DialTab SMS

DialTab SMS

Take advantage of the convenience of sending sms to directly from your own CRM with your business name as the sender ID.

Call Center Chat Work

DialTab Chat

Communicate with your teammates in real-time for faster and smooth collaboration with our built-in group chat system, Chatwork.

CRM No Per User License Fee Guarantee

No Per User License Fee

Scalable CRM with custom-built tools and features

Call Center Workforce  Workforce Panel

Call Center Real Time Agent  Real Time Agent

Workforce Agent Schedule  Agent eScheduler

Client Systems Daily Time Record Timekeeper  Daily Time Records

Call Center Agent Coaching Log  Coaching Log

Call Center Analytics  Analytics


Short Messaging Service

Make your business presence felt across the world! Client Systems Short Messaging Service is a budget-friendly business solution for Short Code and Long Code that Small and Mid-sized Enterprises can use to send text messages to 82 countries* and to over 570 network carriers.

Send text at scale!
Your short code is on us.

* Strictly subject to our Fair Use Policy


Boost your brand recognition and marketing campaigns! Short code is a great marketing tool to get potential and existing customers to immediately take action.


Send high volume of customized SMS to your target audience. Get your message or marketing campaign accross within seconds. Compared to placing ads, SMS is more affordable and can help you reduce your marketing costs.

What's In It For You?

Eliminate operation and process complexity

Efficiently increase production and sales

Save huge amount on operational and infrastructure costs


We're here with you every step of the way.

We thrive off of cultivating cost-efficient solutions using the economy of scale model. We use this approach not only to reduce business cost but also to provide greater flexibility and enable small and mid-sized enterprises to swiftly scale up or scale down as needs change.

We innovate and develop our own digital solutions as alternative to expensive desktop-based systems and provide it to our clients for a price of a venti-size frappucCino.


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