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About Us Clickerwayne

About Us

🌏 What Is Clickerwayne

Clickerwayne is a Philippined-based social enterprise specializing in internet related products and services which include Client Systems Call Center Software (SaaS) design and development, virtual assistant services, and web develoment.

The company has evolved over the past years from delivering simple data entry services into a full business solutions provider. The name Clickerwayne Enterprise was adopted and became the registered business name of the company in the Department of Trade and Industry in April 2012.

How It All Began

Clickerwayne was established on December 28, 2010 a personal advocacy to deliver significant contributions to help fight poverty and unemployment by providing online data entry jobs to the stay-at-home-parents, unemployed, and persons with disability (PWD).

It started as an online portal dedicated to provide innovative sources of income to improve the chances of achieving financial goals that everyone envisions. Situated in the City of Binan, Laguna, its services were available in every province in the Philippines. The enterprise connected jobseekers with companies or organizations who were looking for professionals and home-based workers to do simple data entry around a particular project or provide complex solutions integrated with specific aspects of each business.

Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.

Bill Drayton
Founder of Ashoka

Our Core Values

Our core values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a social enterprise

📌 Winning

Strong determination and will to win in every aspect that we encounter each day.

📌 Assertive

We simply speak up for ourselves in a manner that is honest and respectful.

📌 Yearning

Our strong desire help our global society is unconditional.

📌 Nurturing

We indefatigably innovate for a cause.

📌 Enterprising

We take the initiative to improve our standard of living.

🔆 About The Founder | Owner

Erwin Ramos Clickerwayne Owner Erwin Ramos, a former call center employee turned self-taught programmer, is the founder and sole proprietor of Clickerwayne Enterprise. He had worked in the call center, inbound and outbound, industry for 14 years. Prior to becoming a full-time social entrepreneur, he worked as a Team Lead for a little over 7 years for a large US-based bank with an offshore center in Manila, Philippines. His fascination to computer codes began in 2006 when he started using Hogan, a DOS-based system, and later on he became known to his officemates as the "Hogan Master". He pursued to learn computer programming by just reading and watching tutorials online during his spare time.

"You don't need to be a genius to become a programmer, all you need to have is determination." -unkown

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