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Staying At Home

As we all stay at home during this time, we get to spend more time with our family. Looking on the positive side of the circumstance, this gives us the perfect time to bond and strengthen our relationship with our kids, spouse, siblings, parents or what have you. On top of that, we're also giving "Mother Earth" the time to heal herself from all the abuse she suffered from all us. Time is one of the greatest things we can give them.

Now, although we are momentarily immobilized to do the usual things that we do on a daily basis ---- like to work for us to earn ---- should not prevent us to be PRODUCTIVE. We just have to be RESOURCEFUL and always have a POSITIVE MINDSET. No matter how bad the circumstances are, we just have to react constructively rather than destructively.


Start-Up Business Teaser

Starting a business can be thrilling and exciting. It involves time, effort and money.

Call Center Solutions

Call Center Systems Training intro for Loans Dito Philippines Call Center Agents.

Vision: Hello World 2020

What makes a great company like Wells Fargo in Manila look worst is because of...


Sweetie Of

Get ready to meet our Pinoy Talking Assistive Loan Bot---Sweetie (Sweet Technology)

Absolutely Not A Loan App

It's neither a bank nor a lending company. It's Loans Dito Philippines!

Tips For Fast Loan Approval

Filling out the application form is your initial step to your loan application.


The CEO in Bali Part 2

Planning to travel to Bali soon? You might want to hire a driver to guide and tour you around.

The CEO in Bali Part 1

In the year 913, Sri Kesari Warmadewa from Sanur named the island "Bali Dwipa"

Cagayan De Oro Quick Tour

Behind the scenes of my "From The Ground Up" vlog in Cagayan De Oro

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