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SME Telecoms

Economical Solution to keep in touch and stay connected

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SME Telecoms

Communications System plays a vital role in every business as it speeds up the transmittal of information from one point to another. Through the use of this technology, transactions and workflow processes are usually done and achieved in a nimble way. This allows people and businesses to either keep in touch or stay connected to one another.

SME Telecoms is a pre-installed web-based telecommunication application in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) of Clickerwayne Enterprise. It was developed as an economical solution to the increasing demand of Loans Dito Philippines , a Clickerwayne owned and managed website, for communications system.


Take advantage of the convenience of sending sms to your customers directly from your own CRM with your business name as the sender ID.


LoansDito Chat Support

Visitor Communication

Hi there LoansDito Philippines. Good day

telephony LoansDito

Hi good morning! How can we help you today?

Visitor Communication

I'd like to apply for a personal loan

telephony LoansDito

That's great! May I have your name

Communicate with your teammates in real-time for faster and smooth collaboration with our built-in WebChat.


-- DialTab --


Our custom-built CRM is integrated with a voice communication system to make the outbound dialing experience as easy as possible.

Send Text Messages At Scale!

Make your business presence felt across the world! DialTab SMS For SMEs is a convenient and affordable Pre-paid business solutions for Short Code and Long Code that Small and Mid-sized Enterprises can use to send text messages to 82 countries* and to over 570 network carriers. See list of countries...

*Restrictions may apply to some countries and network carriers when sending SMS using Short Code and Long Code.

What makes our SME Telecoms different?

 No downloads

 No installation

 Single sign-on

 Simple and sweet

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