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SME Robotic Process Automation

Providing better customer experience through automation

On September 21, 2019 Clickerwayne Enterprise fully implemented the use of SME Robotic Process Automation or RPA on its website The primary goal of the initiative is to provide quicker and faster service to Loans Dito Philippines clients by eliminating the long wait time to get the pre-screening result for eligibility to apply for a loan.


Attending to your customers in a timely manner provides greater customer experience.


Eliminate human errors on time-consuming and repetitive manual business processes.


Implementation of automation in workflow costs less and enhances productivity.

What is SME Robotic Process Automation?

SME Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a business solution geared towards reducing high cost of production and streamline tedious repetitive business processes with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What are the Benefits of RPA?

 It reduces operational costs and risk

 Eliminate time-consuming and repetitive processes

 Provides faster service and better customer experience

 It is cost-efficient and produces quality results

 Deliver more accurate intelligence data

 Provide real-time access to data with reporting and analytics

 Enhances productivity

 Improves profitability

The Filipino-Talking Assistive Loan Bot

Back in the good old days the turn-around time for the pre-screening process for eligibility to apply for a loan could take from hours to days. Worst comes to worst, it may take up to a week or so.

With implementation of automation on LoansDito website, the process now is much easier and faster. the is no more wait time! Loan applicants can get their eligibility to apply pre-screening result in just less than 48 seconds. This is made possible by our very own Sweetie.

Get ready to meet our Filipino-Talking Assistive Loan Bot...

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