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Our Network Sites

Our Network Sites

After months of being offline due to EastWest Bank's faulty, unreliable and untrustworthy banking system and service, causing our main company website and majority of our network sites to be shut down. we are able to revive them one by one. Though most of our websites are now up and running we are still undergoing massive reconstruction to give the best, most relevant and personalized experience on our website.


Loans is a Marketing and Lead Generator portal of Clickerwayne Enterprise for loans and credit products offered by banks and financing companies in the Philippines and the U.S.



Biyahe is a personal blog site aimed to provide free travel related information for all travellers visiting the Philippines and countries in Asia and Europe. This site also accounts the authors'/owners first hand experience in all tourist destinations they have visited.



Stanley Freud AdServer is a system that we use to publish ads on any type of online platform and collect detailed statistics about impressions, clicks and conversions. We track and report campaign performance, including click-through rates, conversion rates, revenue, eCPM and conversion details.


The Team is a blog site of Clickerwayne. Individuals or groups can share and publish their views, ideas, opinions, grievances and everything for a common good and to make things RIGHT! This portal serves as an online grievance machinery to help the poor consumers and those who have limited resources to air their complaints.


The Travel

The Travel Brewer website is a Clickerwayne Enterprise sponsored website. As part of our advocacy, we subsidize and provide commercial websites to qualified and eligible small to medium scale business owners. This is one of our ways of helping deserving entreprenuers to grow their business without having to spend much.


Cli_Ent Systems Loans Dito

We design and develop our own web-based application and systems for workflow automation and simplyfy complex processes. Our first commercial system, specifically designed for lead generation and outbound campaign, is currently in use by a widely recognized as the biggest and longest existing unsecured loans distribution company in the Philippines.