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Why choose Clickerwayne

Clickerwayne is an emerging Social Enterprise specialized in providing cost-effective Business Solutions to small and large-scale companies in the Philippines and around the globe. We drive customer interaction, word-of-mouth at scale, attract and convert strangers and prospects to have interest on the products or services that your company offers.

We believe that time is always of the essence. That is why we guarantee to deliver quality results and high performance in a timely manner to grow your business and increase your company's sales and return of investment (ROI) without having to spend too much. We provide the flexibility and functionality that you need to reach your targeted customers and effectively promote your products and services.

Clickerwayne Enterprise helps companies balance all aspects of their businesses by developing a detailed plan setting out the objectives of their business, the strategies and tactics planned to achieve them, and the expected profit over a period of time. We ensure we meet and exceed our clients' demands by driving high performance and quality results.

Furthermore, by taking advantage of the business solutions that we provide, you are helping us in our advocacy to fight poverty and unemployment. The more business collaboration we get, the more jobs we can create and provide to the less fortunate* and persons-with-disability.

We are passionate, efficient and exceptionally talented at what we do.

We are passionate, efficient and exceptionally talented at what we do.



Marketing and Lead Generation

This Clickerwayne Business Solutions is a cost-effective way to increase your sales volume in a short span of time. The use of marketing strategies and tools are essential to attract and convert strangers and prospects to have interest in your products or services. As defined, Lead Generation is the process of converting strangers and prospects into leads and have those leads establish organic interest in your business.

website_design_and_development Website Development

Web Design and Development

In this digital age, running a business without a website is almost as if your business does not exist. Having a website of your own will bring convenience to your customers and leads. It will help your business generate and attract more customers not just within your 50-mile radius reach but also in any parts of the globe.


Digital Advertising

Reach more people anytime anywhere without having to spend a fortune, Digital Advertising is the most effective way to do it. Online Advertisement will enable your business to reach and appeal to your target market in a new way and it is more efficient compared to traditional media. It drives customer interaction, word-of-mouth at scale, and most important of all, it drives more sales and revenue.


Cli_Ent Systems

We design and develop our own web-based application or system for smooth workflow and process. For business partnership or tie-ups, depending on the type of project and collaboration requirement, we provide our partner-clients with our very own Cli_Ent Systems at no charge at all.

Create a need when there is none. Let 'em want what you


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