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Codes Library

Hey guys! What's up? Welcome to my Codes Library. Learn the basics of HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS. I must say, there is so much fun and sense of fulfillment when you write codes. Writing your own codes or program is easy.

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<title> Codes Library </title>

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You don't have to be a genius to be a programmer. All you need is Determination



Codes Library is a compilation of the notes I kept when I was starting to Learn To Code a few years back. I am not a computer science graduate and never thought that I'd be able to learn to code. Before I went to colloge, my mom suggested that I should take a computer science course or anything related to computers but I never listened. I took BS Psychology instead. To become a programmer was way beyond my imagination. Back then, being a computer programmer---for me--- was like a "YULK" thing or profession to be..............and I was ALL WRONG! (Boooooooommmm).

From being a Call Center Agent, a U.S.-Based Bank Team Call Center Solutions Developer. Guess what, I was able to make my own Outbound Call Center System for my Loans Dito

How Did I Learn To code?

For my first website, I started with the Drag and Drop, it was easy and fun to use but it didn't give me full control over my site. So, I started to learn HTML PHP and JavaScript after my site got hit of XSS and Clickjacking (Damn!). Anyways, I learned to code doing a self study by just watching tutorials on Youtube (Derek Banas and CS Dojo for phython --- my top two faves. ) and by reading articles online (W3School, Stackoverflow, and PHPPot --- my top three for reading). For my websites I use W3CSS stylesheet of W3School. I find it really light-weight and I got to know it by heart already :)

Hey, I don't want to just keep you on this page. I got nothing more to say now but to just enjoy and follow your passion. Cheers!

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