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Starting Up A Call Center Business

Starting Up A Call Center Business?

Published on August 18, 2020 by Clickerwayne

Setting up a call center business involves a lot of research, planning so on and so fort. Not to mention the huge amount that you have to put out of your pocket in building and acquiring the infrastructures essentially needed to start the operation. In short, it is way too costly. Also, you have to deal with different vendors to get various services for communications, user interface or Customer Management System (CRM), daily time records management system and more.

Having been in the Business Process Outsourcing industry for a good amount of time, gave me the idea to create a program that will eliminate the time consuming login and setting up process that all BPO employees undergo every start of shift.


To give you a brief background about the history of the Client Systems, short for Clickerwayne Enterprise Systems, the prototype version was released back in April of 2017. It was made out of microsoft excel and was later re-constructed using google sheets. During the early stage of development, most of the work processes were done manualy. But as time goes by the system evolved.

Unlike the early versions, users had to manually make calls using either a hard phone or mobile phone. Today, users have the ability to initiate outbound calls with just a click of a button. This is on top of the built in text messaging system and chatwork installed in the CRM.

We will discuss more about this topic on our next blogs and vlogs. 'Til then...

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