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Speedtest Beta PLDT

Speedtest Beta

Published on May 11, 2020 by Clickerwayne

I have been absent from my work-from-home job for a week now. This may sound crazy but yeah...Sa bahay ka na nga nagtratrabaho tapos absent ka pa rin...whoa...doesn't make any sense at all, right? :D

And this is all because of PLDT.

Things Happen For A Reason. Thanks to PLDT

When asked by a PLDT technical support representative to download and run a speedtest using their recommended app, which I already used before, I refused as it will only provide "biased" Mbps speed result. I insisted to run the test using google.

Since remote work is booming and the system I am building is designed for work-from-home jobs and businesses, there may be times that a remote worker may induce "self-initiated system issue." As a solution, to avoid instances like this and to quickly find out the root cause and extract real-time data of such downtime ---- this whole PLDT mess gave me the idea of building and installing my own Speedtest using PHP and javascript. Ain't that a good businsess solution?

check out how fast is your internet connection using Speedtest Beta of Clickerwayne

On a lighter side, if it wasn't for PLDT, I wont come up with this idea at all. As they say "things happen for a reason."

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