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Outbound Mock Call Using Client Systems

Outbound Mock Call Using Client Systems

Published October 11, 2020 by Clickerwayne

For the non-call center experienced job applicant, one of the many tips that you can do for a start is by carrying out a mock call. Create a short and simple call opening spiel then practice it without reading it in front of a mirror. Make sure to clearly utter each words with confidence. Then try practicing with a friend or one of your households. Your level of confidence when practicing your spiel with someone else must be the same or better than when you were doing it alone.


Whether you're in inbound or outbound, a Mock call is a practice call usually done in call center training and in some cases during a one-on-one coaching session. It is typically participated by two persons each portraying as a customer and a call center agent. In the contact center or BPO industry, mock calls are conducted to serve two main purposes which are to groom and guide.


  • Groom The Agent
  • Call center training commences from the orientation where the new hires start to know more about their new employer, company policies, culture, core values, mission, vision and so on and so forth. It is then followed by class room training where the grooming begins. The training is tailored to equip the newbies with product knowledge they need before being deployed to the production floor. This also helps the newbie learn how to take and handle different call scenarios, familiarization with the call center system, tools and processes.

  • Guide The Agent
  • Mock or practice call is not only conducted in the four corners of the training room. This is also used and done in production especially during a one-on-one coaching session. Often times role playing is executed when an agent gets a quality assurance (QA) markdown or failed customer satisfaction surveys, eg Gallup, CSAT, etc. This guides the agent not only to identify his/her strengths and weaknesses but also further improve his/her know-how.


Below is a sample of an outbound call scenario with script that you can use for your practice call.

Ring ring...

Customer: Hello

Agent: Hi I am trying to get hold of Almira Santos

Customer: This is she, who is this?

Agent: Hi Almira, this is Jacob from Bujai Homemade Food Delivery. I just need to verify the orders you placed through our facebook page.

Customer: Yeah sure! Go ahead

Agent: Thank you! You ordered for 1 tub of chocolate crinkles, 2 tubs of red velvet and 1 Choco Banana Bread, did I get everything right?

Customer: Yup you got it.

Agent: Is there anything that you would like to add?

Customer: I guess that's gonna be it.

Agent: Alright! Delivery address is at ABC Hospital, Southwoods City, is this correct?

Customer: That is correct.

Agent: Perfect. Total price for the order is $11.50. Your order will be delivered within the next 30 minutes. Will there be anything else that you need Almira?

Customer: No thank you

Agent: You are most welcome and thank you for placing your order with. My name again is Jacob of Bujai Homemade Food Delivery. Have a great day!

Customer: Ok thanks bye.

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