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Hiring A Virtual Assistant?

If you're looking into hiring a virtual assistant, finally, your search is over! Like any other large scale businesses, we understand that you're also looking for ways on how to cut down your operating costs without sacrificing quality and productivity. We're glad that you found us. Start knuckling down now to scale up your business while we do the hard work for you.

Based in the Philippines, Clickerwayne specializes in internet related products and services which include Client Systems Call Center Software (SaaS) design and development, virtual assistant services, and website develoment.

The most economical Virtual Assistant Services for your business can only be found right here!

Our Services

Chat Support
Content Writing
Back Office Support
Web Development
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Management
Virtual Workforce

Virtual Workforce

If your workload is piling up and getting scattered and you're getting too overwhelmed with the tons of things that you need to accomplish for your business and you are achieving less, then it's time for you to put together your very own virtual workforce

Key Advantages Of Outsourcing


Hassle free deployment

Increase flexibility

Reduce business costs

Higher productivity levels

Improve profitability

Sustain entrepreneurial sanity

Stay on top of your competition

Quickly grow your business


CliEnt Systems

A simple yet bright idea that makes a big difference

Have you ever wondered why large manufacturing companies are able to offer their products for a low price as compared to small and mid-sized enterprises selling the same items? If so, you are not alone. We thought about it too. Just imagine if you are able to do the same method, the idea of scaling up your business is inevitable.

We use the "Economy Of Scale" to help start-ups and SME owners to save huge amount on operating costs. Now, that makes a big difference and sets us apart.

Outbound mock call using our very own Call Center CliEnt Systems.


We always want to make sure the virtual assistance service that we provide does not just end up as a "service" but a significant business solution...and we mean performance!

Performance measurement is an important cornerstone for any business and it is integral to a company's success. If you are thinking of hiring a virtual assistant to work on a specific task, getting the job done is simply not the result that you can expect from our team.

Virtual Assistant Services Benefits

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